About April

My love for clay began as a little girl when my parents enrolled me in my first ceramic class at the age of 4. That's when my life long interest and love for clay began.

I graduated with a BFA  with a major in ceramics from the Columbus College of Art & Design and worked as a potter, graphic artist and muralist over the next 30+ years.

During my teens, I became very interested in the art of Bonsai and eventually began pursuing it as a hobby. After a move to SE Florida in the mid 90's I became an active member of the Lighthouse Bonsai Society. During the early 2000's I began making bonsai pots. In 2002, I entered two pots in the 2nd National Juried Bonsai Pot Exhibition and won a second place in the traditional category. 

After several years of pursuing other areas of art, I've been able to return to my roots in clay! I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area. My husband and I live in a small country town surrounded by beautiful farmland and woods. 

My pots are fired in both an electric kiln and an updraft gas kiln. I work with cone 6 stoneware that's fired to at least 

2232º F. My pots are vitrified and frost resistant, but care should always be taken during winter months to avoid pots filling with water and freezing. No matter how frost resistant pottery is, expanding ice can and often will crack a pot.